The services described below will be provided in accordance with these terms and conditions, which include our obligations as a supplier, your rights and obligations as a customer, as well as information related to the procedure for reserving foreign currency and purchasing it from our offices. Our Privacy Policy will also apply for the purpose of protecting your personal data. 

The owner of this website is Prosegur Foreign Exchange Pty Limited, ACN 655 974 584 of Level Level 11, 60 Castlereagh Street, NSW 2000 (hereinafter, “PROSEGUR CHANGE”). You can contact PROSEGUR CHANGE through the email 

IMPORTANT  If you choose to use click and reserve for your selected currency, it means we will hold the requested amount of that currency or currencies on the nominated collection day.  You are not bound to complete the purchase of the whole or any part of that currency.   

The exchange rate that applies will be the exchange rate for that currency at the time of collection, which may be higher or lower than the rate at the time you reserve the foreign currency.  Currency exchange services at 'spot', i.e. on the day of collection, are not financial services under the Corporations Act, and Prosegur Change does not hold an Australian financial services license. 

The terms and conditions for use of the ChangeGroup website and branches can be found in the Legal Notice. 


PROSEGUR CHANGE is happy to provide you with a foreign currency reservation service, with purchase and collection and payment at our offices (“Click&Reserve”).  

With this service, PROSEGUR CHANGE allows you to reserve the desired currency (or currencies if you require more than one), which you can then purchase and collect at our offices. 

Reserving a currency: Reservations can be made through our website: Reservations via the website can be made in English only. 

Only certain currencies are physically kept in stock, so reservations must be subject to the availability of the chosen currencies. In the event of a lack of stock, PROSEGUR CHANGE reserves the right to cancel the transaction.  We will provide as much notice as possible if we will not be able to provide the whole amount you have ordered, by email to the supplied email address. 

In order to make a currency reservation, the customer needs to provide email address and phone number so that PROSEGUR CHANGE can contact them and deliver the reserved currency accordingly. 

Reservations may be subject to a maximum value per calendar quarter and year. 

  • Exchange rates, fees and expenses: At the time of making a reservation for a with purchase at currency exchange offices, the user will be informed on the website screen of the estimated sale price, which is a variable concept depending on the date of collection, the withdrawal office chosen, the commissions and the expenses (if any). The reservation will be calculated and paid at the designated office on the day of purchase based on the current exchange rates on that day. 
  • PROSEGUR CHANGE earns revenue when exchanging currency through a margin between its 'buy' and 'sell' rates for particular currency pairs. 
  • Form of payment: The amount of the reservation will be paid in full, in cash or by card, if this means of payment is enabled, at the designated office and on the day selected by the user. 
  • Reservation confirmation: Once the reservation with withdrawal at an office has been made and has been accepted by us, the user will receive a confirmation email, which will specify the details of the requested transaction, estimated price, expenses and commissions (if any), form of payment, office and day and time of the proposed transaction. 
    In the event that the reservation is not accepted by the user, no liability will arise for the user. 
  • Recall: The reserved currency (or currencies) will be available to the user to be purchased at the office and on the day indicated in the confirmation email. 
    The reserved currency will only be given to the person who made the reservation, which will require the customer to provide a valid ID.  
    Obtaining the reserved funds will be subject to compliance with applicable due diligence and internal control measures in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act. 
  • Cancellations: The user will be able to cancel a reservation before the chosen date to purchase the currency. In that case will we not charge the user.

To cancel an online reservation, the user will need to cancel the transaction online as soon as possible. 

In any case, PROSEGUR CHANGE will understand that you have cancelled your reservation if you do not show up on the stated transaction date. 


PROSEGUR CHANGE welcomes feedback about its services. 

2.1 If you have any questions or complaints about our service, please contact us by post [or email] at the following address : 


Prosegur Change Australia 

PO BOX 2155 

Greenvale Vic 3059, Australia 


We endeavour to resolve any complaints and provide a written response within one month.