Our company

Prosegur Change is a new entity that has emerged after a successful acquisition of ChangeGroup by Prosegur Cash in October 2022. 

The purpose of this joint venture is to combine Prosegur's expertise in cash management services along with ChangeGroup's 30 years of expertise in providing financial services to tourists, including, foreign currency exchange and tax refunds. 

Prosegur Change's mission is to become the world leader in currency exchange, with prominent offsite presence, including airports and city centers, as well strong online distribution.

Prosegur Change around the world

Prosegur Change is present in over 100 locations, in 37 cities across the world and is continuously expanding. Innovative and with a constant eye on the future, Prosegur Change has also developed state of the art ATM systems and payment technologies, deploying these platforms across Europe, USA and Australia.

Our Services

Our full range of premium products and services have been uniquely developed with international travellers and business customers in mind. We know first-hand that our customers need a range of services to support their payment needs and that security, quality of service, value and convenience is a priority.

We offer a range of online services, such as International Payments, Online Travel Money and Local Cash home delivery services. Our branches offer foreign currency exchange in over 90 currencies, instant Tax Free shopping refunds, the ability to send and receive money worldwide in an instant with Western Union and to make a wide range of bill payments and bank deposits.

*All these services are not available in all countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our dynamic here at ChangeGroup and Prosegur Change. That is why we always play an active role in the communities we serve and donate 3% of ChangeGroup’s global profits to a range of charities. Our key CSR partners include the Tree Foundation, United World School and the Homeless Fund.

We proudly support a range of fundraising activities by our fellow team members for a wide range of local charities. Beyond charitable support, we also lend our expertise and knowledge to provide leadership in key organisations to be a force for good, such as YPO, ATMIA and the travel and tourism retail sector.

Global Cash in Demand

While there is no denying that technology has been key in changing and evolving the ways in which businesses and consumers pay for goods and services, demand and use of cash remains at a high level internationally.

On a global scale, almost half of all consumer transactions are still made with cash and most central banks are providing their local economies with more physical cash than ever before. In Europe, the total value of euro banknotes in circulation has grown dramatically in recent years. According to the European Central Bank, the value of euro banknotes in circulation grew from €221 billion in 2002 to €1’314 billion in 2020 and its rise is expected to continue.