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Get Travel Money before you fly

Whatever your destination, getting your travel money in advance is essential if you are to enjoy your stay in peace.

At Prosegur Change, we've made it easy to get your travel money. All you have to do is select the foreign currency you want, specify the amount you want and reserve it directly from our website.

You can choose to have it delivered directly to your home or collect it from one of our exchange offices.

Our branches for pick up

Reseve and collect your travel money online and pick up your order from one of our 15+ branches located in Australia, including Gold Coast and Melbourne Airports as well as in the city centres: Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne and more.

Our welcoming customer service team is ready to assist you with your travel money needs!

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Travelling soon?

Here's how to easily reserve your currencies online

1. Choose your currency

Determine the amount of travel money you will need to enjoy your trip.

2. Choose a date & a pick-up location

Collect your order from one of our exchange bureaus at major airports and city centre.

3. Collect & pay

Pay upon pickup and enjoy
your trip.

Why choose Prosegur Change for your travel money?

With over 30 years' experience, we offer an ideal solution for travellers who want to have travel money at their disposal during their stay abroad.

Benefit from the best online exchange rate

By exchanging your AUDs with Prosegur Change, you benefit from the best online exchange rate to get your travel money at the best price.

Prosegur Change Bureau de Change
Prosegur Change Bureau de Change

Enjoy our Buy Back Guarantee

Not sure how much travel money you need? With our Buy Back Guarantee, we'll take back your remaining foreign currency at the same price as when you bought it.

Why bring travel money with you?

Anticipating your departure by taking some travel money with you has several advantages for making the most of your experience abroad.

Saving money

Making transactions in foreign currencies can lead to significant bank charges if you don't have the local currency. Bank charges are generally quite high, and having enough travel money allows you to spend easily and without extra cost.

Exchanging your AUD in tourist areas generally involves higher exchange rates. By planning ahead, you can take advantage of a better exchange rate than when you arrive at your destination.

Limiting the risks

Identity theft and bank card fraud are more common than you think. Having cash on hand means you don't have to take any risks, so you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

A Prosegur Change Branch in an Airport
Prosegur Change Bureau de Change

Better control over your spending

With cash at your disposal, you'll have better visibility of your spending and be able to manage your holiday budget more easily.

More flexibility

Paying in cash means you don't have to rely on new technologies. Depending on your destination, some areas may not have a good Internet connection, making it difficult to pay by card. Some establishments only accept cash payments. Having traveller's cheques on hand will help you avoid any problems.

You may also encounter problems with your credit or debit card when travelling abroad. By taking travel money with you, you can continue to make essential purchases while you sort out the problem.

Better integration on site

Finally, having some travel money before you leave helps you to integrate better with the local population once you're there. By spending in the currency of your destination directly in cash, you make it easier to interact and play a full part in the local economy.

Get your travel money wherever you go

Would you like to exchange your AUD for euros, British pounds, US dollars or Japanese yen? We can exchange your Australian dollars for over 50 foreign currencies, always at the best rate. Choose the currency of your choice and book it now!

A Prosegur Change Branch in an Airport

Any questions about our Travel Money Services?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions to find out everything you need to know about how we work and how easy it is to get your travel money.


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